Little Simz on Being an Introvert: ‘If I Didn’t Do Music, No One Would Know Who I Am’

by Shine My Crown Staff
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British singer Little Simz released her fourth album, “Sometimes I Might Be Introvert,” on Friday.

The title is not just some cool, artsy trope — Simz is an introvert for real.

“If I didn’t do music, no one would know who I am,” she says in an interview with The Guardian: “I’m not going to be nameless. I want my music to be known, I want my music to be heard, I want to tell my story.”

Simz appears to have mastered the art of rolling out solid projects and avoiding tabloid headlines.

But fame isn’t the be-all and end-all, Little Simz added. “I’m trying to be my greatest self in all aspects of my life, and not just music,” she said. “Not only am I trying to be a great artist and performer, I’m trying to be a great sister, friend, daughter, auntie.”

Introversion is a trait that can often be misunderstood. Speaking to the publication earlier this year, she shared that she realizes people may not quite get her distance from the spotlight.

“I know that I’m quiet, innit?” she explains. “I’m just very to myself and I didn’t know how to really navigate that, especially coming in this industry where you’re expected to have this extroverted persona all the time.”

Her social media presence is also very metered.

“I wanted to just let people know like, yo, I’m actually this way inclined.” And so the theme of the new album emerged – an excavation of the things Simz would prefer to bury. “It’s me,” she adds, “being this introverted person that has all these crazy thoughts and ideas and theories in my head and not always feeling like I’m able to express it if it’s not through my art.”

“Sometimes I Might Be Introvert,” is available across streaming platforms, now.

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