Viral Nanny Rosie Lands Holiday Deal And Shares Personal Story In Exclusive Interview

by Gee NY

Rosie, the nanny who captured the hearts of millions on social media for her genuine love and care for the children under her charge, recently granted an exclusive interview shedding light on her personal life, ambitions, and newfound business ventures.

In a captivating interview on the Trudy Kutui YouTube channel, Rosie offered a glimpse into her world beyond the viral videos that made her an internet sensation just days ago.

Contrary to assumptions, Rosie is not just a caretaker but also a devoted mother. During the interview, she revealed that she is the proud parent of three children — two boys and one girl. This revelation surprised many who had initially perceived her as a young individual without a family of her own.

Rosie shared heartfelt details about her experience working for a Lebanese family in Lebanon, emphasizing their kindness and warmth. The family, who became her employers, welcomed her with open arms, creating an environment where she felt completely at home.

The viral nanny, whose videos showcased the genuine connection she formed with the children she cared for, has now transitioned into a new chapter of her life. Rosie disclosed that she has secured a huge deal, marking a significant milestone for her.

She clinched the deal with Expeditions Masai Safari for an all-expenses-paid holiday trip with her entire family.

While Rosie’s viral videos initially gained attention for the wholesome interaction with her charges, the recent revelation about her family and the successful business deal has added depth to her story.

The interview on Trudy Kutui’s YouTube channel has sparked further interest and admiration for Rosie, as viewers get to know the person behind the heartwarming videos.

As Rosie navigates her newfound fame and business endeavors, the world eagerly awaits the next steps in her journey and how her story will continue to inspire and resonate with audiences globally.

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