‘She Got Game’ Contestant Priscilla Rainey Has The Game’s CashApp Seized

by Shine My Crown Staff

Priscilla Rainey, a former of the reality television show “She got Game,” in which female contestants competed to be west coast rapper, The Game’s girlfriend — has had the rapper’s Cash App seized.

According to Radar Online, Rainey filed a federal lawsuit in Florida court asking for permission to seize The Game’s money from Square, Inc, which owns the app Cash App.

Rainey said she discovered The Game had thousands in the account and this week, the federal judge ordered $2,176.35 — the amount in the rapper’s account at the time — be seized.

According to a lawsuit filed in federal court in Illinois in 2015, Rainey claimed that on May 22, while shooting a scene in a sports bar, Game was “out of control,” drunk, and on drugs.

She says that on that night, Game sexually assaulted her several times, including “forcefully reaching his hand inside her dress to rub her bare v—ina and b—tocks.”

The Game has always denied the allegations.

After initially launching suing the rapper for $10 million, The Game ignored the case, leading the judge to issue a default judgment of $7.1 million. A judge agreed that Rainey could receive the rapper’s royalty payments from the companies eOne and Sound Exchange.

The Game has refused to pay up. In fact, he says he will never pay the judgment — causing Rainey to find other ways of getting her payoff.

“Everybody got something to say, this, that, I don’t give a f—k about none of that,” he told the crowd at a concert in 2018. “I been The Game my whole career, I ain’t deterred, n—ga, I’m me. I been shot at, stabbed, fought, n—gas suing me.”

“Today I read on the internet they said I lost seven million. S–t, what I’m a do now? Is Popeyes hiring?” he quipped. “Seven million, he must be broke! In this muthaf—kin’ Burberry tracksuit? Who give a f—k about that? F—k a b—ch that’s suing.”

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