Maisie Richardson-Sellers Teases Potential ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Return

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Maisie Richardson-Sellers is best known for her role in superhero series, “Legends of Tomorrow,” and hints that a return to the show is highly probable.

Richardson-Sellers has portrayed both Amaya Jiwe/Vixen and Charlie/Clotho in the Arroverse series. Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, the British actress refused to close the door on a possible reemergence on the show.

“Is anyone ever done on Legends (Laughs.)? But I have left the show as a series regular, which was a really tough but positive decision that I made because I really want to pour more energy and time into Barefaced Productions and getting projects off the ground, and I just couldn’t do that with the [Legends] shooting schedule,” she explained.

DC’s “Legends of Tomorrow” is based on the characters of DC Comics, airs on The CW and is a spin-off featuring characters introduced in Arrow and The Flash, Supergirl as well as several new characters.

“I learned so much from Legends. It was such a family environment, and I love them all. And I’ve made it very clear that if they ever actually accidentally need Charlie or Amaya for a mission, I’d be more than down. So, I don’t think it’s fully goodbye yet. I hope. I’m not dead. And even dying means nothing on the show anyway.”

Her character Charlie is a queer Black superhero — Richardson-Sellers says the LGBTQ+ community has been incredibly supportive of the role.

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‘You are given the keys to your industry. What's the first thing you do to make it a more inclusive environment for everyone? I would diversify the industry from the top down. Only once the studio heads, network executives, programmers, financiers, casting and show runners are diverse will we begin to see diverse content organically created from experience, rather than imagination. One thing the current gatekeepers are failing to realize is that simply adding more POC and LGBTQAI+ characters as subplots and quirky side kicks to bolster the storylines of white protagonists isn't enough. When those who are creating and writing and directing the stories are not diverse, we end up time and time again with watered down, two dimensional and often stereotypical representation that misses out on so much of the nuance and magic of diverse experiences. What is your message to queer people coming of age now? I am so deeply inspired and humbled by the collective openness, curiosity and the determination of your generation. Your individual story, your fire, your dreams are what make you an absolutely crucial part of the fabric of this next chapter. Don't forget that allowing yourself to be vulnerable is a sign of great strength, and that nurturing your mental and emotional health only makes you better equipped to support others. Refuse to settle. Refuse to sit down. Your time is now.’ (Full E! Interview in bio) 📸: @kanyaiwana

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“The Legends fan base is incredible. They’re extremely supportive and really loving and open. I’ve had so many great conversations at conventions with fans saying how it has impacted them,” she shared to

“I know growing up as a queer woman of color, how important seeing those characters were for me — they were so few and far between for me and so limited to certain genres. It’s inspiring and humbling. I feel proud to be part of increased diversity and representation onscreen, especially within these alternative genres.”

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