Victoria Monét Opens Up About PCOS-Related Weight Gain Challenges

by Grace Somes
Victoria Monét || Image credit: @victoriamonet

Victoria Monét got candid about her body as she deals with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).

On Tuesday, the singer shared on Instagram about the physical changes she attributes to battling with polycystic ovary syndrome. Victoria Monét reflected on her fluctuating weight and learning to love her body throughout its transformations.

The post was a photo of the “On My Mama” hitmaker performing live at Coachella. In the picture, Monét was posing on stage with her back to the camera, her image of the moon and night sky behind her.

She also discussed the physical changes she had noticed since being diagnosed with the chronic hormonal condition.

In the text accompanying the photo, Monét wrote that she had “gained a lot of weight,” adding, in part, “PCOS has me really messed up.”

“Welp..I gained a lot of weight, and it went a lot of places lol: face, arms, tummy, and most effectively…datasss,” she began.

The Grammy Award-winning artist revealed the changes in her body have left her “frustrated” and “really messed up.”

I usually am so critical and frustrated by it because PCOS has me really messed up,” she continued. Still, optimistically, at least now there’s two moons on the stage.” 

According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, PCOS occurs when a woman produces an “abnormal amount of androgens” — or male sex hormones — which can then cause missed periods or irregular periods. With PCOS, cysts can form in the ovaries, making it difficult for women to get pregnant.

Monét, who won three awards at her first-ever Grammy Awards in February, has had an enormous year. Even more, she brought along her three-year-old daughter Hazel, who was acknowledged as the youngest nominee when her mother’s song “Hollywood,” featuring Earth, Wind & Fire, was nominated for best traditional R&B performance.

In addition to sharing a collage of images from the annual music festival in Indio, California, the musician seems to be choosing to maintain a positive outlook despite the changes to her body.

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