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A mother from Raleigh, NC, is speaking out after two white men wearing MAGA hats allegedly pulled a gun on her and her teenage daughter.

Zariel Balogun recounted the incident to ABC11.

She said that she had finished loading groceries in her car and leaving the BJ’s parking lot. Balogun told the news outlet that when it was her time to exit the parking lot, another vehicle tried to leave at the same time. She then honked her horn before the guys in the truck started to yell at her.

They then pulled their vehicle up beside her.

“He pointed (the gun) at me and my 15-year-old daughter that was in the passenger side seat, and I told him to put his gun away cause he wasn’t going to shoot anyone. When I said that, it kind of made him mad. He started saying ‘Oh they’re not scared of guns. They’re ghetto, Black b*tches. He immediately turned his hat around and said ‘This is exactly why we need to Make America Great Again because of these ghetto Black b*tches,'” Balogun recalled.

She added, “If he wanted to shoot, there’s nothing that I could have done. He pointed the gun at me and my child.”

Raleigh police said the incident is currently under investigation and is being investigated as an aggravated assault.

Balogun retained an attorney and held a press conference on Wednesday.

Her lawyer, Dawn Blagrove, said that Raleigh Police had still not returned her call.

“To those folks who are still confused about why we have to say and proclaim that Black Lives Matter, it is because a black woman and her 16-year-old child can be driving down the streets of Raleigh and a white man, who hurls racial slurs at them, points a gun at her 16-year-old child can call the police department of Raleigh and not have anyone return her call for more than 24-hours.”

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No justice! No peace!

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Blagrove added, “We expect federal charges, we expect state charges,” Blagrove said.