Woman Assumed To Be Transgender That Was Brutally Attacked At A Deli Has Filed A Lawsuit

by Gee NY

A 35-year-old woman who was mistaken for a transgender individual has taken legal action against the owner/s of a Staten Island deli where she was the victim of a brutal assault.

On October 9, Jasmine Adams filed a lawsuit in New York’s Supreme Court against the owner/s of West Brighton Deli Grocery Corp.

In her lawsuit, she alleged that a former male employee used hate language due to her sexual orientation and physically attacked her on the night of July 28. The man had referred to her as a “transvestite,” even though Jasmine is openly bisexual.

The incident unfolded when Jasmine tried to purchase marijuana legally for a friend at the Staten Island bodega. Despite not being a smoker herself, she double-checked with her friend to confirm the $40 bundle of weed. This led to a misunderstanding, as the West Brighton Deli clerk assumed she was bargaining over the price and became agitated. He threw the bag of marijuana on the floor.

In response to the disrespect, the 35-year-old woman decided to request a refund, which further angered the employee. An argument ensued, during which Jasmine demanded the employee’s termination. In response, he threatened to involve the police. Jasmine insisted on getting her $40 back, and the bodega clerk proceeded to call her a “transvestite.” He then reportedly sprayed her with mace and physically assaulted her.

Video footage captured the disturbing incident, showing the employee manhandling Jasmine while a crowd gathered outside the store. He allegedly dragged the 35-year-old customer out of the establishment by her braids, leaving her on the curb and kicking her in the face.

Onlookers reacted to the alleged assault, condemning the man for going too far. The deli worker, dressed in a basketball jersey, t-shirt, and jeans, casually returned to the store after the incident.

The employee reportedly remains employed at West Brighton Deli and has not faced arrest or criminal charges. Jasmine described the experience as “malicious and emotionally damaging.”

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