Roseanne Went After Valerie Jarrett…And Lost Her Job

by Shine My Crown Staff

It’s 2018, and bigotry is no longer something worth profiting from, at least not on network television. After a hateful, racist tweet she fired off about former Obama Senior Advisor Valerie Jarrett, (who is African American), the Roseanne reboot star found herself on the network’s canceled list. Barr issued this apology, but given her history of attacking former Secy. Susan Rice and even First daughter Chelsea Clinton, Shine My Crown calls BS:

The message here is twofold: Don’t come for Black women—especially a Senior US Government official–unless they send for you. Secondly, Black Panther just earned ABC’s parent company over a billion dollars at the box office. Remember who you work for before you tweet. Ultimately, actors are employed by the audience. Kudos to ABC Entertainment Group President Channing Dungey, another African American executive, for this swift action on the part of ABC.

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