Brittish Williams Is Convinced She Received “Harsh” 4-Year Prison Sentence Because She’s A Celebrity

by Gee NY

Reality TV personality Brittish Williams is vehemently challenging the four-year sentence she received for her involvement in 15 felony fraud charges.

ShineMyCrown reported previously that the charges include bank and wire fraud, misuse of a Social Security number, and defrauding the government of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Alongside her attorney, Beau Brindley, Williams has officially launched an appeal, contending that her celebrity status played a role in the harshness of her sentence.

The appeal follows a month after Williams pleaded guilty to the charges, a decision that came with a hefty judgment. In addition to the four-year prison term, she was ordered to pay $564,069 in restitution and faces five years of supervision upon release.

Despite Williams expressing regret for her actions, she and her legal team believe that the punishment is disproportionately severe, especially considering her public figure status.

Brindley voiced his discontent with the court’s decision, asserting that Williams was penalized not for the fraud itself but rather for her celebrity status.

He emphasized that treating a public figure more harshly than similarly situated defendants goes against the principles of fair and equal justice.

“Ms. Williams’ success is not a crime subject to enhanced penalty. And we will challenge this sentence through every legal means available,” Brindley affirmed.

Reports say her appeal comes amidst differing opinions within the legal community regarding the motives behind Williams’ sentencing.

Her ex-attorney, Jason Korner, previously hinted that her refusal to heed his counsel and her perceived “attitude” might have influenced the judge’s decision. This perspective stands in contrast to Brindley’s assertion that Williams’ celebrity status was a determining factor in the severity of the sentence.

As the legal battle unfolds, Brittish Williams has yet to make any public statements regarding the ongoing appeal, leaving the outcome uncertain.

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