Shine My Crown Gives Pusha T and Kanye West The Gas Face

by Shine My Crown Staff

According to Variety, Kanye West personally financed the $85,000 licensing fee for the photo of deceased iconic vocalist Whitney Houston’s bathroom, photographed after an alleged drug binge. We at Shine My Crown aren’t here for it. Pusha T has built his career rhyming about being a drug dealer on record, but in real life, drugs destroy lives and communities. This photo on the cover of Daytona not only disrespects the legacy of Houston, whose voice brought joy to billions worldwide for decades, but it peddles the negative impact of addiction and one of its most beloved victims for likes, clicks and downloads. In the interest of free speech, a similar image could have been art directed for much less, with that same $85,000 going to Donda’s House on behalf of Pusha T. Oh, wait…

Read the Variety article for more:

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