Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee Stirs Controversy Over Alleged Verbal Confrontation With Staff In Leaked Audio

by Gee NY

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) is facing criticism following the release of leaked audio in which she is alleged to have engaged in a verbally abusive rant directed at staff members.

The unverified audio, which was first posted by Current Revolt on October 22, purportedly captures Jackson Lee speaking in a derogatory manner about her staffers.

In the recording, she can be heard questioning a male staff member about a document related to something owned by a person named Duncantell.

When the staff member mentioned that he had given the document to someone named Jerome, who had taken it upstairs, Jackson Lee cut him off, expressing her intent to call Jerome and stating that she did not want the staff member to do anything.

Jackson Lee’s recorded comments included profanities and demands for her staff member to be more informed and proactive.

Once the audio was circulated on social media, the Houston mayoral candidate faced backlash from potential voters and colleagues from both sides of the political spectrum.

Former Republican Illinois Rep. Adam Kinzinger criticized Jackson Lee, stating that she has a history of mistreating her staff.

“She has always been known to abuse staff,” Kinzinger wrote. “But somehow gets away with it, this is awful.”

Another commentator on social media warned individuals who come to Capitol Hill that Jackson Lee is notorious for being a difficult person to work for.

Human Rights Commissioner for Austin, Texas, Meebs Aslam, also condemned Jackson Lee’s alleged actions and called for her to issue a public apology.

Sheila Jackson Lee, who has represented Texas’ 18th District since 1995, has a reputation as a demanding and outspoken boss. She has been accused of requiring her staff to work long hours and demanding that they provide transportation for her, regardless of the distance involved.

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