Sheree Whitfield Dropped From RHOA?

by Yah Yah

Last night (April 8th) was part one of this season’s Real Housewives Of Atlanta series.

We all tuned in to watch the shadefest, but just hours later, word is spreading that one housewife will not be returning for the next season.

According to Love B. Scott, Whitfield was never an official housewife of season 10 – despite her having her own tagline and holding a peach in the show’s intro. B. Scott also claims that Kim Zolciak will not be returning for the show’s eleventh season (not that we will miss her) but NeNe, Cynthia, Porsha and Kandi’s jobs are secure and they will be back.

Viewers of the show don’t seem too pressed by the news…

Will you miss her presence on the show?

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