Stacey Abrams: Trump Can’t Cancel the Election

by Yah Yah

We’ve seen President Trump try every trick in the book to attempt to stay on top — but Stacey Abrams, who became the first major party black woman nominee for governor in Georgia, in 2018, says that Trump cannot cancel nor delay the 2020 election.

“He can’t cancel the election. He can’t delay the election. The Constitution and statute doesn’t permit it. States may be willing to accede to some of his demands, but none of them are going to be willing to, I believe, actually break the Constitution to meet his concerns. That doesn’t mean he won’t do his best to discredit the process. And that’s what we need to be most concerned about,” she said during a recent sitdown with Vanity Fair.

After the election was allegedly stolen from her by current Georgia governor Brian Kemp, Abrams has focused her time and energy into ensuring that the voting process for Black Americans in her state cannot be corrupted again in the same way.

There have long been whispers of Abrams possibly being named as Democratic presidential nominee, Joe Biden’s running mate. Abrams says she’s waiting on the call.

“The words matter. There has been no pursuit, no campaign. I’ve answered the exact same question for now 16 months,” she stated.

“In March of 2019 I was asked if I would be interested in serving as the vice president. It was a hypothetical to which I responded, yes, of course I’d be willing to serve. I’ve never wavered because my responsibility is to, one, be honest and, two, to never pretend otherwise. I could never pretend I do not want to do something that I want to do, because I recognize that I represent a community that is often not given even the thought of the option,” she clarified when asked about pursuing the candidacy.

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