Aneres Bellefont: 10-Year-Old Girl Honored As A Hero For Her Life-Saving Actions

by Gee NY

A small town in Indiana is celebrating the bravery and quick thinking of a remarkable young girl, Aneres Bellefont, who, at just 10 years old, has been hailed as a hero for saving two lives.

The Henry County Sheriff, John M. Sproles, presented Aneres with a special award — The Life Saving Award — in recognition of her extraordinary actions.

The incident unfolded on Jan. 8, when Aneres discovered a man unconscious in a car near her residence.

To her alarm, she also noticed a woman incapacitated nearby. Recognizing the severity of the situation, Aneres promptly dialed 911, demonstrating remarkable composure in the face of an emergency.

Upon making the call, Aneres provided crucial information to the emergency dispatchers, accurately detailing the location of the unconscious individuals.

Her calm demeanor and clear instructions proved invaluable as she stayed on the line, keeping dispatchers informed about the condition of the two adults.

Emergency personnel, guided by Aneres’s information, swiftly arrived at the scene. They administered Narcan to both individuals, a crucial intervention that likely played a pivotal role in saving their lives.

The two adults were subsequently rushed to Henry Community Health hospital for further medical attention, with one of them requiring intensive care.

The Henry County Sheriff’s Office took to social media to commend Aneres for her heroism, stating:

“Aneres, you are a true hero! Two adults are alive today because you courageously took control of the emergency situation you found yourself in. You did all of the right things!”

Aneres Bellefont’s actions serve as a powerful reminder that courage knows no age, and a quick response can make a life-changing difference.

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