Sukihana Draws Criticism for Vulgar Remarks She Made at ‘Karens’ in London

by Xara Aziz
YouTube via The Armon Wiggins Show

Sukihana is facing backlash after a video she posted on Instagram showed her in the streets of London in a hot pink dress stating that she was “tryin’ to get my coochie stretched.”

As she walked past a group of people, she stated again that “I’m trying to get my coochie stretched and eat a ni**a a**. We be eatin’ ni**a’s a** today in London,” she added, causing the group of people to give her uncomfortable stares.

“I was tryna be classy but business class is good enough,” she further said “cause Suki international now.”

After the video went viral, she took to Twitter to expound on the video, causing users to snap at her for making more vulgar remarks.

“I love making Karens uncomfortable,” she tweeted.

“Tbh they was already looking at us when I pulled up to the palace with trucks full of [Africans]. Child, I came for King Charles, not y’all. So I gave them something to be mad at.”

When users began to berate her for the disparaging comments, she began to clap back by poking fun at some.

One user wrote: “Do y’all understand why we were confused? I understand that no woman deserves to be sexually assaulted. She literally markets herself as nothing more than A COOCHIE.”

To which she replied “Your head is shaped like a hemorrhoid.”

In another tweet, one wrote, “I’m embarrassed as a Black woman.”

She replied: “You scratching yo coochie in ya profile pic I’m embarrassed for you.”

One user loved the video, tweeting: “As a Londoner, this was hilarious because one thing about white Brits? They know how to make everybody else uncomfortable so it’s time for a taste of their own medicine.”

“Yes they made me feel like that soon as it was my turn to take a photo and that’s why I gave them something to talk about,” the rapper replied.

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