Summer Walker: ‘Don’t Be Mad at Me Cause You Too P—sy to Step Outside of Societal Norms’

by Shine My Crown Staff

Summer Walker is a hottie with an edge. While she may adorn the curves we see many of today’s celebrities rocking on the Gram — it cannot be denied that Walker’s style is somewhat alternative.

This week, the singer reflected on her style — which she says was more radical back in high school.

She questions why everybody wants to look the same.

“I wish I could find my old pics from high school, I had a shaved head, Mohawk, Afro, every colour wig, blonde Bantu knots, shaved eye brows with 2 stripes of paint under my eyes like I was going to war,” she wrote via her Galactawh-re account.

“I had it all cause I didn’t care to be MYSELF, and I still don’t. Don’t be mad at me cause you to P—-y to step outside of societal norms.”

She continued in the caption of her throwback pic: “Imagine not doing/wearing what you want until you have approval from the rest of your peers…Save your opinions cause I’m a keep being ME regardless despite the insecurities/envy/projection you have towards me,” she adds. “If I was white no one would give af, for some reason black people ain’t allowed to be goth emo or alternative but that’s a different conversation.”

Walker feels the same way about the music industry.

Last year, in an interview with Billboard, Walker expressed her disappointment that her more heartfelt songs didn’t chart as well as her more superficial tracks.

“I do see something that irritates me a little when it comes to radio,” said Walker. “It seems the only songs from me that do super good on the radio are those that are more upbeat. I’ll also hear other songs from us and others that are slower, very heartfelt, and a lot of people will f–k with them. But it seems like [with radio], if you can’t shake your a— to the song, then it won’t do what it should do.”

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