SZA Clarifies Who Wrote “Snooze” After Leon Thomas Spoke About “Egos” During The Recording Session

by Grace Somes
SZA and Leon Thomas || Image credit: @sza @leonthomas

SZA revealed she wasn’t upset but had to clear a general misconception!

The “Kill Bill” hitmaker broke down the songwriting credits regarding her song “Snooze,” produced by Babyface and Leon Thomas III.

She said the producer’s names appearing as writers in the credits was just an industry thing, but fans have taken it literally.

She posted on X, “I just want to clarify. I wrote every lyric and melody on Snooze. The Amazing Baby Face and Leon PRODUCED the track. Producers are listed as writers in credits, which can be misleading. As a writer who takes her pen seriously, I just wanted to clarify that. Thank you!”

After speaking out her heart, SZA appeared in the comment section of the popular blog Genius.

She reminded everyone how much her work meant to her, plus the successful impact of her penmanship.

“I’m not upset! There was just a general misconception that someone else wrote my lyrics. As a person that writes a lot, that matters to me. It’s not deep. And whether you wanna call the song basic or wack… It just went platinum. So, apparently, it’s effective lol 🥴. Y’all stay blessed ❤️”

Earlier, Revolt had a Studio Sessions with Leon Thomas, who shared his experience while creating “Snooze”.

The Grammy-nominated songwriter explained how they created the masterpiece while working with SZA for the first time.

Leon praised SZA for her “gracious” work ethic and how they could seamlessly collaborate while “feeding her ideas to work on”.

“Building the whole thing from scratch was beautiful. There was no ego; we were trying to make something cool that day. We did the beat that same day, and she recorded the song on the same day. That was a year and a couple of months ago,” Leon said.

“SOS” featuring “Snooze” was a runaway success for SZA. After it topped the Billboard 200 chart, SZA became the longest-reigning female album of the decade so far!

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