The Coach Cass Show: The Man, the Money and the Mission

by Shine My Crown Staff
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In her latest episode, relationship expert Coach Cass welcomes multi-million dollar business owner Darnyelle Jervey Harmon.

The pair chop it up about dating, marriage, loving yourself and moving to millions.

Darnyelle did not have an easy upbringing.

“I was born to drug-addicted parents,” she shared.

“My mom actually got high the whole time she was pregnant. ‘Cause she didn’t know I was there… in her defense once she knew that I was there, she stopped.”

Doctors warned Darnyelle’s mother that the damage to her unborn child could have already been done, telling her that her daughter would not experience life quite like the rest of us.

They were wrong.

“There has never been anything cognitively wrong with me. So for me, that basically is the affirment of purpose. And when there’s a purpose for your life, there is not anything that can divert you from the purpose that God established your being to be,” she proclaims.

“And so I am excited to be here, you know. Seven brothers and sisters Only one to go to high school — graduate college — advanced degree. Started working in corporate America. In three years, became a vice president. And I was an entry-level to 17 — I was like, the baseline, and I became a vice president in three years.”

She then says something felt different.

I had what I called my “Keith Sweat moment. “Something, something just wasn’t right. And I realized that I was not.”

You can listen to the full interview with Darnyelle below.

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