BLK Dating App Launches “New Year, Real You: #RealNotPerfect” Campaign Empowering Black Women

by Gee NY
Image credit: Dating Apps Advise

The BLK Dating App, the world’s largest dating app for the Black community, has unveiled its “New Year, Real You: #RealNotPerfect” campaign.

The move aims to celebrate authenticity and empower Black women in various aspects of their lives.

The initiative, created by Arxna in collaboration with BLK’s in-house marketing team, seeks to encourage Black women to embrace their true selves in both personal and professional spheres, including the complexities of the dating scene.

BLK acknowledges the significant roles that Black women play in society and aims to challenge societal expectations while providing a supportive environment for Black women to express themselves authentically, free from judgment.

Jonathan Kirkland, head of brand and marketing at BLK, emphasized the app’s commitment to fostering individual brilliance, stating:

“At BLK, we encourage all of our members, not just Black women, to amplify their unique brilliance. Our message is clear: Be bold and unapologetically Black.”

The centerpiece of the campaign is a four-segment video series featuring Black women engaging in conversations with BLK’s relationship and intimacy expert, Marissa Nelson.

The discussions touch on various topics, including hair politics, code-switching, workplace discrimination, and navigating relationships. The series aims to shed light on the diverse experiences of Black women and create a platform for open dialogue.

One participant in the video series, Sesali, a writer, shared her experience working in corporate America, highlighting the challenges of conforming to restrictive standards.

“In corporate environments, the standard is so limiting. Like I would come up with amazing ideas for certain clients, but I wouldn’t be trusted to be the person to present those ideas because I wasn’t deemed client-facing enough,” she remarked.

As part of the initiative, BLK App users are invited to take the #RealNotPerfect pledge, encouraging women to embrace their authenticity. Participants will receive a #RealNotPerfect badge, symbolizing their commitment to being true to themselves.

The BLK App, known for its focus on the Black community, offers subscriptions starting at $4.99 a month and is available for download on The App Store or Google Play.

The campaign aligns with BLK’s vision of creating a space where Black individuals can connect, express themselves, and build meaningful connections.

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