Wendy Williams Claims Foxy Brown Had an Intimate Relationship With Jay-Z: ‘She Hit It Before Beyoncé’

by Shine My Crown Staff
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Talk show queen, Wendy Williams, is claiming that rapper Foxy Brown has an intimate relationship with Roc Nation boss, Jay-Z.

She says Foxy got down with the rapper before Beyonce was ever a factor.

Williams decided to spill the tea after the “Hot Spot” rapper revealed that she would soon be releasing her memoir.

“Foxy Brown has a memoir coming out in December. You might not care… [The book] is calling up on the most controversial moments of her history and life and hip-hop and so on and so forth. Kim [Osorio], please don’t be weak with this writing. Please–if you’re gonna tell it, tell it good. Foxy is very open about her life… but I remember when Foxy and Jay-Z had ‘I’ll Be’–Foxy was the star of that,” said Wendy.

She then decided to go into detail about the alleged romance.

“[Jay-Z and Foxy Brown were] allegedly a romantical thing. Alright, I’ll say alleged–but we know, we know. Yeah, she hit it before Beyoncé! Allegedly. Mhm.” Williams quipped.

The rumors of a romance between Jay-Z and Foxy have been around for a long time, but neither artist has confirmed them. Williams may be the queen of gossip, but her sources are usually credible.

According to Williams, she’d rather check out the audiobook version of the memoir than read it.

“This is not necessarily a book that I would read, but this is a book that I would hear on tape. The thing is that Foxy can’t do her book on tape [due to her hearing issues]. But get somebody to put this book on tape!” she added.

Osorio announced that Foxy’s book is slated to be released sometime this year but gave no specific release date.

Foxy was a force to be reckoned with during the mid-90s and early 2000s, Foxy was one of the hottest rappers in the mainstream.

We look forward to checking out her memoir.

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