Wendy Williams to Lamar Odom’s Ex, Sabrina Parr: ‘What Qualifies You to Party With Diddy?’

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After Sabrina Parr claimed her purse was stolen while she was partying at Diddy’s July 4th celebrations — Wendy Williams says she doesn’t think the former fiancée of Lamar Odom is qualified to party with Puff.

“Uhhh… she, ‘The Sabrina,’ showed up at Puffy’s fourth of July party. And she says that someone stole her purse. Not surprising,” said Williams.

“So she posted ‘whichever one of you idiots stole my purse from Diddy’s house. I hope you rot in hell.’ So funny to me. Look, they got her room key. They got her wallet. They got her cell phone, they got her ID… which means she can’t fly,” Williams explained.

“She can’t fly back to wherever she’s from… which I would imagine Atlanta, because they’re filming. pretending to be boyfriend and girlfriend Lamar and her.”

Williams was then corrected by a crew member who advised her that Parr is, in fact, from Cleveland.

“Anyway, here’s my thing. First of all, what qualifies you to be at a Diddy fourth of July?” Williams queried.

“These girls really want their status elevated quickly without earning it. Then they get there and they assume everyone’s fabulous,” she added.

Odom proposed to Parr in November 2019, after just three months of dating. The former NBA star’s fiancée announced their split in November.

“Whichever one of you miserable idiots stole my purse from @diddy house I hope you rot in hell!” Parr wrote on her Instagram Story. She continued, “You gotta be real sick to come to a party just to steal! By the way, there are hidden cameras in the trees, throughout the entire street & house so you will be caught!”

Parr added, “Oh and my phone was stolen as well so all my good pictures and videos are gone.”

The reality television star also says that she was locked out of her hotel room because her room key was in her purse.

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