Woman Sets Ex-Boyfriend’s Bed On Fire While He Was Sleeping With His New Girlfriend And Her Baby

by Gee NY

A 20-year-old woman from Tennessee is now behind bars, facing multiple charges following a disturbing incident where she allegedly attempted to set her ex-boyfriend’s bed on fire while he, his new girlfriend, and her baby were sleeping.

Derica B. Wiggins was arrested on Friday and is now charged with aggravated arson, setting fire to another’s personal property, reckless burning, and two counts of aggravated assault.

The alleged incident unfolded in the early hours of March 1, 2023, but Wiggins was taken into custody only recently.

According to reports from Law & Crime, authorities received a 911 call about a fire at a residence. First responders arrived promptly to find that the fire had been quickly extinguished.

Thankfully, the man, his girlfriend, and the infant emerged unscathed.

The victim, Wiggins’ ex-boyfriend, informed law enforcement officers that he discovered the comforter ablaze upon waking up but managed to extinguish the flames.

After leaving the bedroom, he allegedly encountered Wiggins in the driveway, leading to a heated confrontation, as reported by WREG.

Security footage from a Ring doorbell is said to have captured a woman matching Wiggins’ description entering and leaving the residence around the time of the fire, according to police statements.

The motive behind Wiggins’ alleged actions remains unclear, and investigators are piecing together the events leading up to the incident.

Authorities have not disclosed any specific details regarding the relationship between Wiggins and the occupants of the house.

Wiggins is expected to face legal consequences for her actions, with charges that carry serious penalties. The court will likely shed more light on the circumstances surrounding this bizarre and potentially dangerous event as the case unfolds.

Fortunately, the quick response of first responders and the victim’s prompt action prevented what could have been a tragic outcome.

The legal process will determine the appropriate course of action for Derica B. Wiggins as she faces the charges stemming from this shocking incident.

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