Woman Recounts How Pitbull Attacked 4 People Including A Child: ‘It Would Not Stop Until It Killed Somebody’

by Gee NY

A South Florida woman experienced a terrifying ordeal when she and several others were attacked by an aggressive pit bull on the loose.

Imani Barrett, a resident of Pembroke Pines, recounted the horrific incident that unfolded on Friday afternoon around 4:30 PM.

While inside her home, Barrett heard a gut-wrenching scream from outside. Rushing to see what was happening, she witnessed her male neighbor and his child being viciously attacked by a pit bull.

“The screams were horrifying,” Barrett told 7 News. “I ran outside and saw the dog attacking them. It was like something out of a nightmare.”

Barrett tried to intervene, but the pit bull quickly redirected its attention to her. In her attempt to escape, the dog bit her multiple times, causing injuries to her buttocks, chest, and face.

“It was relentless,” Barrett stated, visibly shaken by the memory. “It would not stop until it killed somebody.”


The attack left Barrett and the other victims with serious injuries. She expressed her deep concern about the safety of her community following the traumatic event.

“I don’t feel safe here anymore,” Barrett said. “This incident has shaken me to my core.”

The local authorities are investigating the incident to determine how the dog got loose and to prevent such attacks in the future.

In the meantime, Barrett and her neighbors are left grappling with the aftermath of the terrifying experience.

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