Royce Reed Delivers Emotional Explanation Of Why Her Son’s Father Dwight Howard Garnished Her Mother’s Bank Account

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In 2011, reports that Basketball Wives star Royce Reed’s bank account had been garnished by her baby daddy Dwight Howard grabbed headlines.

In those reports, it emerged also that her ride was repossessed. But now, Reed, 42, has revisited the issue in an emotional interview with Carlos King.

In a video posted by @thejasminebrand on IG on Nov. 15, Reed did not hold back when she touched on the headlines-grabbing drama surrounding her son, Braylon Howard’s father.

She disclosed that Dwight Howard’s financial abuse didn’t only affect her but her mom as well, claiming that he garnished her mother’s bank account.

“That’s the part that I think breaks me the most because I was smart with my money. So when he did that to my mom, it was like ‘Who the f**k are you?'” Reed told King.

Dwight Howard’s move came after he sued her for confirming on the Wendy Williams Show that he fathered their child.

Like many concerned celebrity parents, Howard’s lawsuit in 2011 suggested that he was weary of having his child appear on camera as it creates a security risk.

It can also open a child’s life to unwanted attention at an early age, which can be detrimental.

In addition to child support payments, Reed reportedly accepted $500,000 in cash, a $500,000 Orlando, Florida home and a Mercedes from Howard, in exchange for the reality star keeping their son and the details of their private lives off camera.

But Reed broke the agreement by tweeting photos of Braylon on her Twitter page that promotes “Basketball Wives.” One photo was normal, as it featured their cute pie son smiling. However, the other photo was inappropriate. The shot was of Reed’s bedroom, featuring her son sleeping on an unmade bed and softcore porn photos on the wall, featuring the reality star’s exposed backside in a thong, among other things.

Royce Reed and Dwight Howard

ShineMyCrown reported in 2022 that Florida police reportedly arrested her, seized the Mercedes and lawyers went after the cash in Reed’s accounts, for violating the confidentiality agreement. Under the law, they can seize said items, as she signed a contract regarding their son and violated it.

After Reed lost the lawsuit, Howard moved to garnish a joint account that Reed shared with her mom.

Now Reed has explained that she never used the account, meaning all money in it belonged solely to her mother.

On social media, people have been slamming Dwight Howard.

“He doesn’t seem to be a great person. Dealing with women or men,” someone commented.

Another person said:

“Financial abuse is real too ladies. It’s sad the lengths people will go, to not take care of their kids.”

“So he won a judgment, she didn’t pay, he legally garnished an account her name was on, but y’all mad at him? Wow,” someone defended him.

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