5 Reasons We Stan Hulu’s ‘High Fidelity’

by Yah Yah
Zoe Kravitz

Hulu’s adaptation of the 2000 romcom of the same name is absolute must-watch television!

In the series, lead character Rob is played by the uber-cool Zoe Kravitz, who owns a record store in Crown Heights and is obsessed with ‘top five’ lists. Although the series actually explores Rob’s epic romance failures — there is much to love about it.

Here’s why we love the show.

The Playlist.

Rob not only owns a record store (as any self-respecting record store owner should be), but she’s completely obsessed with music (a and her obsession knows no bounds. Whether it be rap, or disco, funk, soul, or rock, her intense love for music is succinctly translated through the scoring of the show.

In episode two, Rob perfectly breaks down the science to any half-decent playlist. She knows her stuff.

While at times the music choices are a slightly predictable, who doesn’t love a classic?

We Can Relate To Rob’s Romantic Blips.

Let’s face it. If you’ve watched the show, you know that Rob’s love life is pretty chaotic. The High Fidelity explores her top five heartbreaks as she tries desperately to move on from ex-fiance Mac, who was in a relationship with for more than five years.

We’ve all had that one ex that no matter how hard we tried, and some of us may have even taken extreme measures to shake them out of our hair. We can relate. We can relate to the struggle. Relate to the heartbreak and we can even connect to the moments of the show that made us all cringe.

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She’s not perfect. But then, who is?

The Friendships.

Her store, Championship Vinyl, is the hub of the show. Owned by Rob, she runs the store alongside her employees and close friends, punk-rocker Simon (David H. Holmes) and singer Cherise (Da’Vine Joy Randolph), who claims to be a serious artist but is yet to drop any music.

Simon, who is openly gay, is also an ex of Rob’s and is one of her top five heartbreaks. Still, the pair continue to share an emotionally intimate relationship of sorts. The dynamic is actually one of the most intriguing connections Rob has on the show.

Cherise, the loud, outspoken but deeply protective friend, offers the element of sisterhood to High Fidelity, as many of Rob’s interactions are with men.

Human connections are often so complicated, and as complicated (and let’s face it — selfish) as Rob can be, friendship is a critical component in the show as it is all of our lives.

The Fashion.

It goes without saying that anything Kravitz is involved it is going to be trendy as f*ck — and High Fidelity does not let us down.

From Simon’s offbeat retro graphic tees to Rob’s millennial hipster-chic Cherise’s badass jumpsuits, High Fidelity is every fashionista’s wet dream — all while remaining cooly understated.

Even outside of the main characters, the show upholds its contemporary style. The continuity is faultless and easy to duplicate on a budget for those who are seeking some fashion inspiration.

Zoe Kravitz.

That’s it. That’s the reason.

All ten episodes are available to watch on Hulu now. We will be heartbroken if the show is not renewed for a second season.

Peep the trailer below.

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