A’ja Wilson Melts Beneath Usher’s Steamy Gaze During Sensual Serenade In Las Vegas

by Grace Somes
A'ja Wilson and Usher || Image Credit: @aja22wilson

“I am no longer A’ja Wilson..the 2x champ. I am now A’ja Wilson..the girl usher was singing to…”

Two-time WNBA MVP A’ja Wilson spoke into existence when she encountered Usher at the singer’s “My Way” Las Vegas residency show.

Earlier, A’ja Wilson invited Usher to the 2023 Aces’ championship parade after a first invitation in 2022 that the “Love In This Club” could not honor.

While Usher could not attend the second invitation on October 2023, he responded to the invite with a request of his own. He invited the whole Las Vegas Aces basketball team to his concert.

“Shout out to the defending champs, the Vegas Aces. A’ja Wilson, I got your message. I couldn’t be at the parade but…
I wanted to invite you to come see the show. Come see me do it my way here in Vegas. We stick together. We love one another. Congratulations on this day, and I’ll see you soon,” Usher said in his invitation video.

The 2023 Finals MVP and her teammates flourished in their excitement at the concert, but the highlight of the night was brought on by Usher’s private show for A’ja.

The mini performance was the most memorable moment as Usher gave a sultry remix of his classic, “There Goes My Baby”, after feeding A’ja chocolates.

One could see the sexual tension in the video clips on social media.

“Yea, she (A’ja Wilson) probably went home and electrocuted herself with the ‘rose’,” a fan wrote after watching the video.

Another added, “I know her iwatch was telling her to take a moment, lol.”

“I ain’t never ever see A’ja under pressure like that 😅 her defense broke down real fast. Bro would have had 50 in the paint that night! No team help. They’re just watching her get dominated 🤣,” Leakzluthor commented.

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