Policewoman Sues After She Was Relieved From Duty For Intervening In The Assault On A Black Boy

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A Black police officer in Pasadena has filed a lawsuit against her department, alleging retaliation and discrimination during her tenure.

Taisyn Crutchfield’s legal action outlines an incident that occurred after the fatal shooting of Charles Towns, a Black man, involving deputies from the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department in January.

According to reports from CBS News and KTTV, a month later, police responded to a call involving Towns’ two children, one of whom was distressed over their father’s recent death at the hands of law enforcement.

During the response, one of Crutchfield’s colleagues reportedly placed the son’s face near a cactus-like plant. Body camera footage released by the department in June shows Crutchfield intervening, subtly shoving the officer and attempting to de-escalate the situation.

The lawsuit contends that Crutchfield, who followed state-wide police training protocols, should have received commendation for her swift and heroic action.

However, instead, she was relieved of duty and faced punitive measures. The legal action seeks to rectify the perceived injustice.

Crutchfield, holding both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in criminology, was placed on paid administrative leave without a clear explanation, only to later return to her position.

The lawsuit also alleges a racist culture within the department, citing instances of derogatory language by some officers who received promotions.

Speaking on her behalf at a press conference, Crutchfield’s father emphasized her desire to bridge the gap between police departments and inner-city communities, a goal she pursued by becoming an officer.

In response, the city of Pasadena opposed Crutchfield’s claims, expressing confidence in vindication.

The statement released by the city states as follows:

“The City will vigorously defend itself in this matter, and the facts will prevail. The Pasadena Police Department proudly serves the residents of Pasadena with honor and integrity and is proud of its diversity throughout all ranks of the Department.”

Beyond her role as a police officer, Crutchfield, a decorated NCAA track star, plans to run for Miss Oregon next year.

Beyond Taisyn Crutchfield’s case, Pasadena, located approximately 10 miles from Los Angeles, is at the center of numerous legal battle over allegations of discrimination and retaliation within its police force.

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