Amanda Seales Responds to Critics Who Say She’s a ‘Non-Foundational Black Person’

by Yah Yah

Amanda Seales has had enough of her Blackness being called into question and took to Instagram to clap back at critics for dismissing her as a “non-foundational Black person.”

“Stop f*cking saying that I am a non-foundational Black person,” she says emphatically in the video. “Y’all keep trying to come up with ways to undermine the validity of my voice and I am really tired of it. I was born in America, my mother is from Grenada, my father is from Boston. I am the descendant of shackled slavery in the west indies and in America. I don’t need to keep explaining this but I’m going to do it this one last time. I’m also a f*cking genius so there are a couple different reasons here why I should be listened to.”

Seales is a comedienne and actress and an activist, regularly lends her voice and energy to amplify Black voices and highlight social injustices within the Black community.

But for some, her efforts appear to be in vain.

Seales listed the reasons why her voice matters:

“One, because I’m smart like a motherf*cker. Two, Because I am the descendant of ancestors who have been through the traumas that we are trying to undo right now. And three, because I’m an authentic Motherf*cker and I speak from the heart every goddamn time. Anybody who’s got something to say to me about otherwise can go suck a bag of d*cks because your point of view has no merit because it is not grounded in anything foundational Black or otherwise.”

Seales is known for her role as Tiffany DuBois on Issa Rae’s HOB show, Insecure and her debut stand-up special, I Be Knowin’. The former co-host of The Real, is also the host of the live music and game show Smart Funny & Black and hosts the weekly podcast, Small Doses.

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