Whoopi Goldberg Delights ‘The View’ Audience With Trump Conviction Celebration: ‘Guilty!’

by Gee NY

Following the news of Donald Trump’s conviction, the hosts of “The View” were jubilant, with Whoopi Goldberg leading the charge in a memorable on-air celebration.

Goldberg, known for her outspokenness and occasional theatrics on the show, seized the moment to revel in Trump’s legal troubles.

Refraining from using Trump’s name directly, Goldberg repeated “guilty” a whopping 34 times on the show, symbolizing each of Trump’s convictions, much to the delight of the audience.

The actress-comedian’s antics didn’t stop there. Amidst the uproar of applause from the crowd, Goldberg promised viewers a quick recap of the trial before launching into her repeated exclamation of “guilty.”

Goldberg’s co-hosts, including Joy Behar, also couldn’t contain their excitement. Behar humorously revealed that she started “leaking” when she first heard the news, adding to the lighthearted atmosphere of the show.

“The View” hosts have been vocal critics of Trump throughout his presidency, regularly expressing their disdain for his actions and policies.

This latest development, the conviction on all 34 counts of falsifying business records, was met with unabashed joy by the entire panel.

Despite Trump’s persistent denial of any wrongdoing and claims of a rigged justice system, his status as a convicted felon is now a reality.

And for the hosts of “The View,” it’s a cause for celebration rather than concern.

In the aftermath of Trump’s conviction, it’s clear that “The View” crew is not losing any sleep over it. Instead, they’re fully embracing the moment and reveling in their collective delight.

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