Azriel Clary Says R. Kelly Was Warned Against Abusing Minors: ‘He Was Greedy’

by Shine My Crown Staff
Azriel Clary

Azriel Clary recently sat down with CBS Morning‘s Gayle King — for the second time.

This time, alone. Safe. R. Kelly was not around to monitor what she says. He was just found guilty on all charges during his New York sex trafficking and racketeering trial.

Clary says that the star had been repeatedly warned by the people around him to stop abusing underage girls. He did not want to listen.

“R. Kelly’s defense attorney said after the verdict came in R. Kelly was surprised that he was found guilty,” King says to Clary. “Are you surprised that he’s surprised that he was found guilty? And that he was actually angry and surprised that he was found guilty?”

“I feel like, you know, I know that he knows that he is guilty,” Clary responded. “People told him. People tried to warn him. People tried to help him. He didn’t care. He was selfish. He was greedy. He was a pedophile. And he never, not once, wanted to get help.”

Kelly’s team has been called out by the #MuteRKelly movement for enabling his activities. Clary wants people to know that they did try to get the disgraced singer to change.

“Meaning, like, assistants. They would tell him, you know, “These people are minors. You can’t be flying these people in. I don’t know what you’re doing with them,” she explained.

King then asked what Kelly’s would say to those who tried to warn him.

“‘Mind your business,’ ‘You’re fined,’ or ‘You’re fired,'” she said. “That’s the only options that he would give people that worked for him and I feel like it’s very disturbing for him to sit and think that he is still innocent when he knows of all the trauma that he’s put us through.”

Clary also revealed that Kelly coach her and Joycelyn Savage ahead of their first interview with King.

Watch below.

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