Granddaughter Of Martin Luther King Feels Her Grandma Coretta Scott King Is Not Getting The Recognition She Deserves

by Gee NY

Yolanda Renee King, the only granddaughter of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., has shared profound insights during an interview on CBS Morning Show, reflecting on the often overlooked legacy of her grandmother, Coretta Scott King.

“People often forget how influential she was to the movement,” remarked Yolanda, emphasizing the significant impact Coretta Scott King had on the Civil Rights Movement.

The 15-year-old is not happy that her grandmother’s legacy has not been appreciated by the world.

“I think that a lot of time people really forget about how much of a role she played in the movement and really how influential she was,” Yolanda continued. She revealed a lesser-known aspect of Coretta’s history, stating, “a lot of people don’t know this, but I actually, prior to the beginning of my grandfather joining the movement, she was a part of the peace movement which took place on college campuses in the 40s.”

The author of the new book “We Dream A World” also spoke passionately about Coretta’s pivotal role in her grandfather’s involvement in the Civil Rights Movement:

“She was the one who actually got my grandfather involved in the movement and encouraged him to join the movement. When they first met… she was really involved, and I think that a lot of people perceive my grandmother as the wife of Dr. King, eventually just the widow of Dr. King.”

Yolanda then stressed the posthumous contributions of Coretta Scott King, shedding light on how she preserved Dr. King’s legacy:

“[People] also don’t realize that after his death, how much she did to really keep King alive. I feel like if there was not someone like her behind, and keeping the dream and his message alive, and spreading the message throughout the world, we wouldn’t have a King holiday, and the legacy of my grandfather would have gone with him.”

Through these poignant words by Yolanda, Coretta Scott King’s vital role in shaping and sustaining the Civil Rights Movement, as well as her enduring impact after Dr. King’s passing, has been brought to the forefront.

Her words encourage a deeper appreciation for Coretta Scott King’s contributions to history.

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