Basketball Wives: Evelyn Uncovers Jackie Christie’s 1987 Arrest For Prostitution

by Gee NY
Evelyn Lozada L) and Jackie Christie

In the latest episode of “Basketball Wives,” Evelyn Lozada takes matters into her own hands by hiring a private investigator to delve into Jackie’s secretive past, following a stunning revelation.

Here’s the scoop from “Secrets, Lies and Private Eyes.”

After a tense conversation with Jac’Eil, Jackie opens up about her tumultuous past, revealing personal details about her foster care upbringing and multiple marriages.

Shocked by these revelations, Jac’Eil shares the news with Brooke, Evelyn, and Jennifer, prompting Evelyn to decide it’s time to uncover more about Jackie’s history.

Evelyn meets with a private investigator and uncovers startling information: Jackie was arrested for prostitution in 1987, suggesting a hidden chapter in her life that she’s kept concealed.

This revelation leaves Evelyn and the rest of the group reeling, questioning what other secrets Jackie might be hiding.

Stay tuned as tensions rise and secrets unravel in the next episode of “Basketball Wives.”

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