Young Mom Devastated After Her 6-Year-Old Son Dies Tragically On First Day Of $6,000 Summer Camp

by Gee NY

In a devastating turn of events, six-year-old Michael Stewart tragically drowned on his very first day at Liberty Lake Day Camp.

Reports say the incident unfolded around 2 PM on Monday, June 24, during a swim session intended for first and second graders as part of an inclusion program for children with additional needs.

Despite immediate CPR efforts by camp staff, Michael was pronounced dead upon arrival at the hospital.

Speaking to Fox 29, Michael’s mother, Enjoli Stewart, expressed profound grief and placed blame on the camp:

“Liberty Lakes messed up. Big time. And now I don’t have a son anymore. That’s heartbreaking.”

The camp, known for its $6,100 summer fee per child, maintains it had sufficient supervision at the pool with a group leader, two counselors, three adult advocates, and four lifeguards on duty.

However, details remain unclear regarding the circumstances leading to Michael’s drowning and how long he had been underwater before being discovered.

Camp owner and director Andy Pritikin conveyed deep sorrow in a letter to parents and announced enhanced safety measures, including implementing a buddy system to prevent future tragedies.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to support Michael’s family, describing him as a fighter since birth.

The community mourns the loss of a young life cut short on what should have been an ordinary summer day at camp.

Despite the tragedy, Liberty Lake Day Camp resumed its regular operations on Thursday, including reopening the pool under heightened scrutiny and safety protocols.

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