Be-Jeweled: ‘Girl on the Go’ – Summer Collection by @AmberMimz #2322

by Yah Yah

2322 unveils the new Girl On The Go collection by creator Amber Mimz, an ode to both her busy lifestyle and to Thailand. The collection embodies the vibrancy of summer through various colors and textures, the collection was inspired by singer/songwriter Amber’s recent trip to The Paradise Island Festival in Koh Samui, Thailand. Amber’s unique, handmade creations are all made from recycled materials, which we love!

“The colors bouncing off the waves from the beaming sunshine while performing, to the stage lights of the festival, to the beautiful mountain rides to see the Buddha’s all across the country sides, to the delicious and accessible fruit…”Amber Mimz

Through her travels, Amber was inspired to create something “light and fun.” We think this collection would make a perfect addition to your accessories assemblage. Head to the website now and get you some!

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