Makeup Artist Uses Her Experiences From Women Of Color To Launch Vegan-Friendly Cosmetics Brand

by Gee NY

Lady Joi, a multifaceted talent hailing from North Charleston, South Carolina, wears many hats – a radio personality, a television host, and a devoted mother of three.

But her true calling lies in her role as the founder and CEO of POJE Cosmetics, a visionary Black-owned cosmetics line that embraces vegan-friendly principles.

The genesis of POJE Cosmetics, which has an active Instagram page, stems from the experiences of women of color, a forward evolution aimed at ushering in a new era of beauty.

A former makeup artist, Lady Joi’s affinity for cosmetics has been unwavering, having spent over 30 years under the spotlight.

Through the years, she has encountered her fair share of subpar makeup and tools, motivating her to establish POJE (pronounced Po-Jay) Cosmetics with a mission to elevate the prestige cosmetics industry to new heights.

Fueled by a deep understanding of the frustration of not finding cosmetics that truly complement the beauty of women of color, both on and off the stage,

Lady Joi embarked on a journey to redefine cosmetics for this demographic. In homage to trailblazing brands of the past, her objective is to reignite the passion for high-end makeup among women of color of all generations.

Lady Joi, North, founder, CEO, POJE Cosmetics

POJE Cosmetics presents a vibrant array of top-tier cosmetics, accessories, and brushes, equipping women with the tools and shades to craft both subtle and daring looks. Beginning its journey in North Charleston, South Carolina, the company initially introduced an innovative line of makeup brushes, but it has since expanded its offerings, remaining true to the vision set nearly 13 years ago.

What sets Lady Joi’s brand apart is its unwavering commitment to uncompromising quality. POJE Cosmetics boasts a roster of certifications and memberships, including Woman Minority Owned Certification, Amazon Black Business Accelerator Certified, Sunoco Cohort Certified, MBE Certified, and the National Minority Supplier Development Council.

These endorsements bolster the brand’s alignment with global concerns such as sustainability. As a vegan-friendly, paraben-free, and BUNNY APPROVED brand, POJE Cosmetics goes the extra mile, prioritizing top-tier ingredients and materials. As an elite cosmetics brand tailored for women of color, it represents a groundbreaking reentry into the industry after decades.

Lady Joi’s vision is encapsulated in her motto: “Let us help you show the world your color!” For those seeking more information or wishing to support this inspiring brand, please visit its official website at

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