Beauty Spotlight: FORM Releases a Hair Care Product For Every Curl Type | @FORMBeauty

by Yah Yah

Naturalista’s we can all rejoice because there’s finally a product that suitable for ALL CURL TYPES.

Having super tight curls isn’t easy for anyone especially women in the African American community. It’s been a real struggle trying to find a product that actually works on natural hair, whether it’s finding a product that promotes hair growth, anti-frizz, or a moisturizer, nothing seems to quite work. Thankfully our struggle is coming to an end on Walker & Company Brands’ latest line of products, FORM.

FORM Beauty markets itself as a brand for all women but its ultimate goal is to create products geared towards women of color. It’s available for purchase and it includes products such as shampoo, conditioner, leave-in conditioner, hair serum, curling cream, protective styling cream, regular styling cream, anything you can think of FORM has it. They all cost around $22-$32, not bad for something that is actually going to do our hair just. The great thing about FORM is you can go on their website for a free hair consultation to figure out what products to use on your hair. But How?

A FORM consultation consists of you answering a few questions about your hair. The FORM team will then send you a list of products that they recommend will be good for your hair. If you want more details on your hair then you can submit a sample of your hair for a Hair Microscope Analysis, which will be available pretty soon on the brand’s website. Through this process, they will be able to determine which of their products would work best on your hair and what regimen would be best for you to follow if you want to see progress.

Tristan Walker, CEO of Walker & Company Brands (which owns FORM), said in an official statement, “We understand the huge opportunity in this huge in this vastly undeserved market and have a proven track record of bringing health and beauty products to market that both fill a void, and more importantly, work.”

If you’d like to learn more about FORM head over to their official website, and don’t worry you can thank me later!

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