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It was merely a year ago when the owner Black Momma Tea & Cafe raised over $2 million to kickstart her new venture, two new locations in New York City.

Vanessa Braxton is a retired structural engineer with experience managing an annual $350 million contracts and construction budget. Braxton boasts over two decades of experience in engineering and construction. She also made history as the first African American woman to build a Burger King in New York 22 years ago.

The $2 million was raised via WeFunder to build two Black Momma Tea & Cafe physical locations in New York.

On the brand’s website, they state that BMT&C products are known for their “gluten-free loose leaf tea selections, biodegradable tea bags, CBD hemp tea and organic flavored agave, Black Momma Teas offers all that you need to savor every last drop without the guilt.”

Their products are also all made in the USA and are eco-friendly.

Braxton became a household name after she successfully developed and launched Black Momma Vodka – an all-natural, preservative-free, gluten-free vodka distilled and filtered five times from corn. It is distributed across the US, Europe, and Asia.

“If your gut is telling you to do it, then do it. Believe me, everything will fall into place if it’s right and meant to be,” Braxton said during an interview via Black Business.

Hoorah for Black Excellence!