The Amazing Story Of Woman Who Miraculously Woke Up From a 7-Month Coma After Doctors Gave Up On Her

by Gee NY
Kertisha Brabson

In 2019, the world witnessed a remarkable event: Kertisha Brabson, a 31-year-old mother from Ohio, USA, defied all odds by waking up from a coma after doctors had advised her family to ‘pull the plug’.

Brabson had been in a coma for an astounding seven months, during which medical professionals had deemed her “brain dead”.

Brabson’s ordeal began when she suffered a seizure in September 2018, leading to her hospitalization.

Before falling ill, her mother, Kertease Williams, noticed peculiar behavior in her daughter, such as dancing as if at a concert or reaching for nonexistent objects.

Following a series of tests, doctors diagnosed Brabson with Anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis, a rare disease where the body’s immune system attacks brain cells, ultimately causing her to slip into a coma.

Despite the grim prognosis from medical experts, Kertease refused to give up hope. Transferring her daughter to Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center in Columbus for specialized treatment, Kertease remained determined to exhaust every avenue to save her daughter’s life.

The turning point arrived four months later, on April 7, 2019, when Brabson miraculously regained consciousness!

Recounting the emotional moment, Kertease expressed overwhelming joy, stating:

“Oh, my goodness, we just jumped up and down and screamed and nobody slept that morning.”

Dr. Shraddha Mainali, one of Brabson’s attending physicians, described the awakening as nothing short of miraculous, adding medical staff were astonished upon witnessing Brabson’s recovery.

Brabson’s journey serves as a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the power of unwavering determination in the face of adversity.

in 2023, Brabson released a book titled In a Blurr, about her experience.

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