Brownsville Police Department Says They ‘Could Not Validate’ Tisha Campbell’s Claims She Was Almost ‘Snatched’ By Sex Traffickers

by Shine My Crown Staff

The Brownsville police department has launched a probe into Hollywood actress Tisha Cambell’s claims that she was almost abducted by sex traffickers.

Following its investigation, the department stated that they’re unable to “validate,” the story. “Upon reviewing facts presented by Ms. Campbell in her video, BPD Investigators quickly launched an investigation as such cases are not the norm in our city. Through numerous interviews and reviews of security camera footage, we could not validate Ms. Campbell’s stay in Brownsville hotels nor any other claims made in the video.”

The statement does not accuse Campbell of lying, simply that her claims could not be verified as there was no evidence to support her allegations.

In the clip, Campbell claimed that while filming a project in a town that doesn’t have Uber, she was given a phone number to a taxi service. After dialing the phone number, Campbell said a “sketchy” van pulled up.

“Don’t freak out, but I think I almost got snatched up,” Campbell shared. “They don’t have Ubers where I’m filming, so I had to call a taxi. The van that pulls up is real sketchy-looking. There’s a guy in the backseat. When he jumps out, the guy is just standing there. He goes, ‘get in.'”

Campbell was reluctant as the backseat looked as though it had been removed.

“The driver goes, ‘get in the car.’ I go, ‘I’m not getting in the car.’ The guy in the back is motioning his body towards me to get in the car.” She refused.

“I’m not getting in the f—king car. F—k y’all,” she told the driver. “Yo, this trafficking shit is real, but they got me f—ked up.” She ended the video with, “I ain’t Gina, bitch.”

Campbell has not responded to the outcome of the Brownsville Police Department’s investigation.

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