Queen Latifah Slams Podcaster DJ Akademiks For His “Vile” Comments Toward Black Women

by Gee NY

Queen Latifah recently took to her Instagram Story to address DJ Akademiks’ online behavior, particularly his derogatory comments towards Black women.

In the post originally shared by @mysonnenygeneral, Queen Latifah reposted text that criticized Akademiks for making vile and disrespectful remarks about Black women without any fear.

The text referenced a quote by Malcolm X, stating that the most disrespected, unprotected, and neglected person in America is the Black woman.

The legendary rapper and actress didn’t add a caption, but her stance against DJ Akademiks was clear to her fans:

“It’s crazy to me how DJ Akademiks is crying scared to say anything to Saucy Santana because he’s a gay man and he’s scared of getting “[canceled],” but [he] has said some of the most outlandish, vile, disrespectful and demeaning things to Black women with absolutely no fear whatsoever…

“[This] brings me back to Malcolm X’s quote.. the most disrespected, unprotected and neglected person [in] America is the Black woman!”

This move by Queen Latifah follows a recent incident where DJ Akademiks had a social media feud with Saucy Santana. Akademiks had made derogatory comments about City Girls’ Yung Miami and mocked their album sales.

DJ Akademiks

Saucy Santana responded with threats and challenged Akademiks to a fight, leading to an emotional outburst by Akademiks on camera.

“I contacted RIAA, personally, today, and I had to run it by a few executives. They passed the phone; they were playing phone tag. They passed me to one guy, then to another guy, and I talked to the head of the RIAA.”

He added regarding the album:

“They told me this sht went fifteen times plastic. This sht was ridiculous, this sh*t was ridiculous! They said, ‘Ak, this is the first triple plastic certification we’ve given out.’ He said, ‘The last time they dropped a record, it went double styrofoam.”

Santana initially responded to Akademiks, stating:

“What the fck is you keep doing interviews for, talking about Yung Miami for? You think nobody won’t press you up! And that’s the mtherf*cking problem!”

He furthered, later challenging him to a fight:

“Nobody don’t never know where you at, but we all have public flyers and posters on our mtherfcking page!”

Of course, Akademiks didn’t take too kindly to that and alleged that he would “spit in his face” and that Santana couldn’t even have a conversation with him, simultaneously inviting him to “pull up” to his headquarters.

The “Walk” phenomenon then came back with more threats and mentioned,

“After I beat you, I’ma fck you in your a*!”

Ultimately, Santana’s rebuttals resulted in Akademiks (seemingly) growing emotional on camera.

DJ Akademiks, known in private life as Livingston, is a Jamaican-American podcaster, Internet personality and live streamer. He is known for his controversial and often offensive commentary on celebrities in the online space.

In response to the criticism by Queen Latifah and others, DJ Akademiks has yet to make an official statement.

What do you think about this story? Do you agree with Queen Latifa that DJ Akademiks respected Black women. See more articles like this on ShineMyCrown.com

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