Winery Worker Who Claims She Saw Fani Willis Pay Cash Offers to Testify in Disqualification Hearing

by Gee NY

In the ongoing legal battle over whether Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis should be disqualified from the Georgia election subversion case, a pivotal development emerged as a winery worker, Stan Brody, stepped forward offering to testify.

Brody, who previously disclosed to CNN that he witnessed Willis paying cash during a visit to Napa Valley with special prosecutor Nathan Wade in 2023, is seeking to provide his account as evidence.

In a court filing submitted by prosecutors late Thursday, they moved to admit Brody’s affidavit into evidence, detailing his observation of Willis covering the expenses, totaling nearly $400, at Acumen Wines in Napa Valley.

The filing also indicates that Brody is willing to testify in person during Friday’s hearing, presenting crucial testimony to bolster Willis’ earlier statements.

Defense attorneys representing Former President Donald Trump and other co-defendants have been pushing for Willis’ disqualification, citing alleged financial benefits she received from her romantic relationship with Wade, who was hired by Willis in 2021 to lead the prosecution.

They have pointed to records suggesting that Wade occasionally paid for expenses during their joint vacations.

Willis, in her testimony during an evidentiary hearing, acknowledged sharing expenses with Wade during their vacations but emphasized the prevalent use of cash, which often resulted in limited documentation.

Additionally, Willis’ father supported her testimony, affirming her tendency to use cash, particularly while traveling.

Friday’s hearing is poised to host final arguments from both sides regarding Willis’ potential disqualification.

Judge Scott McAfee, presiding over the case, has indicated his willingness to consider new evidence, leaving room for Brody’s testimony to play a significant role in the proceedings.

Brody’s decision to come forward follows his initial disclosure to CNN, highlighting the pivotal role of media reporting in uncovering potential witnesses.

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