Chaka Khan Releases Statement Following Disappointing ‘Jazz At The Gardens’ Performance

by Yah Yah

The 64-year-old legend recently performed in Miami at Jazz At The Gardens, but something was clearly off, and fans were both concerned and frustrated with her lackluster show.

Some even alleged that the “I’m Every Women” singer appeared to be high on drugs.

Following the speculation, Chaka Khan released a statement to TheJasmineBrand:

“She has been supporting her scheduled show dates as she has been battling the flu for a number of weeks despite the doctor’s orders to cancel these shows and rest. Unfortunately Chaka not wanting to disappoint her fans has performed, while not totally 100%, and the media has been turning these difficult performances into something else. Chaka values her fans and supporters and would never do anything to jeopardize their support and love. Under doctor’s orders Chaka will be resting for the remainder of the week until her next performance engagement in Macon, GA, Saturday, March 24th. “

A bad case of the through can be fatal. We urge Chaka Khan to take it easy.

Our prayers go out to Chaka Khan.

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