Dance Teacher, Georgia Brooke, Killed In Tragic Accident During ‘Reckless Sex Game’, Police Disclose

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Georgia Brooke's passion for dancing was described as "her life" by her family

British authorities concluded an investigation this week into the death of 26-year-old dance teacher Georgia Brooke who tragically lost her life two years ago.

According to police, a “reckless sex game gone wrong” caused the death of young Brooke, who died on Feb. 3, 2022.

According to a British coroner, Luke Cannon, Brooke’s 31-year-old boyfriend, also took his own life shortly after learning of her death.

Coroner Martin Fleming, speaking on Wednesday, May 15, highlighted the role of drugs in the incident, with traces of GHB and cocaine found in both Brooke and Cannon’s bodies following the Feb. 2022 tragedy.

Reports suggest Cannon alerted authorities when Brooke went into cardiac arrest, but sadly, she could not be revived.

Text messages between the couple revealed that the choking incident was consensual, with Fleming ultimately ruling Brooke’s death as “unlawful.” Had Cannon survived, he likely would have faced criminal charges.

While acknowledging the couple’s actions as “dangerous and reckless,” Fleming stated that there was no evidence suggesting Cannon intended to harm Brooke.

Police described Cannon as remorseful and distraught following the incident, with CCTV footage capturing his distress.

After learning of Brooke’s passing, Cannon attempted to contact her mother before tragically ending his own life in a wooded area.

Loved ones of Brooke have described life since her death as “horrific,” though they have accepted authorities’ findings regarding the nature of her killing.

In court, Cannon’s parents portrayed their son as a “wonderful man” with various talents.

Fleming hopes Brooke’s death serves as a cautionary tale, warning couples about the potentially fatal consequences of risky sexual behavior.

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