Woman Who Fatally Shot Teenager Breaking Into Her Daughter’s Window Won’t Face Charges: ‘I’m Devastated That He Was 14’

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Aleah Wallace said she shot the intruder — who she didn't know was a 14-year-old — to protect her daughters. (FOX 4)

A Texas mother who defended her family by fatally shooting a 14-year-old boy attempting to break into her daughter’s window last December has been cleared of charges this week.

Aleah Wallace, relieved by the grand jury’s decision not to charge her, expressed her gratitude, stating:

“I feel great that they were able to see it through my eyes.” Wallace, who had feared a prolonged legal battle, expressed relief, saying, “I worried my case would be ‘drug out,’ or I would be away from my kids.”

The grand jury in Tarrant County chose not to indict Wallace, determining insufficient evidence to press charges over the shooting incident.

Despite the legal resolution, Wallace revealed that she and her children are still undergoing therapy to cope with the aftermath of the traumatic event.

While Wallace empathizes with the family of Devin Baker, the teenager who lost his life in the incident, she stands firm in her actions to protect her family.

“I want to offer my condolences to his family,” she stated in an interview with FOX 4.

Facing eviction due to alleged violations of the apartment’s rules prohibiting firearms in government-subsidized housing, Wallace had previously defended her actions. She explained:

“I just was protecting my daughters. I’m devastated that he was 14. I hate that. I literally do. And I’m so sorry. But at that point, I had to think about my babies.”

Baker’s mother disclosed that he had sneaked out of their home without her knowledge on the night of the incident. Wallace had been a victim of repeated attempted burglaries leading up to the shooting, prompting her to call 911 each time.

Wallace’s eviction threat was resolved with legal support, and she expressed gratitude for the assistance received from Republican state Rep. Carrie Isaac and pro bono legal representation.

Having since relocated from the apartment, Wallace and her daughters continue to navigate the emotional aftermath of the incident while expressing appreciation for the support they have received.

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