Chrisean Rock Addresses Active Warrants, Refuses To ‘Turn Herself In’: “I Don’t Plan On Being In Jail While My Son Is Growing”

by Grace Somes
Chrisean Rock || Image credit: @chrisean

Chrisean Rock says the active warrants from Oklahoma for her arrest are being handled so that she will not serve prison time anytime soon.

The reality TV personality also explained that she didn’t turn herself in at the police station because she has a son now.

Although she did not mention precisely the outstanding warrants she was referring to, many followers speculated that it had to be the warrant out for her arrest after she allegedly punched Tamar Braxton’s best friend and background singer, James Wright Chanel, in the face, causing damage to his teeth.

But another warrant has emerged from her dark past as a few weeks ago, an open bench warrant from the Oklahoma Dept. of Corrections revealed that she was wanted in connection to a drug and traffic incident from 2022.

While on Instagram Live, the “Vibe” hitmaker informed fans that her legal issues were being handled.

“My warrants are getting cleaned up. Um, I’ve been paying off fees and getting rid of sh*t and talking to some people to help my situation out. Um, because you know, I have my son, ” Rock told fans.

On the live, she continued, “So the old me would have just turned myself in and thrown things from the inside to the outside of jail. But right now, I’ve got to play cautious because, you know, I don’t plan on being in jail while my son is growing. I just don’t plan on doing that at all.”

Chrisean Rock insisted that she did not want to serve time as a mom and was willing to do everything possible to be present in her son’s life.

“I’m doing everything possible to figure that out without trying to serve time, and it’s working out for me,” Rock continued. “So, I will work on my little situations and stuff. That’s all about it.”

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