Woman And Her Daughters Held In Turks And Caicos After Accidental Ammunition Carry

by Gee NY
Sharitta Grier

Sharitta Grier, a Black woman from Florida, is facing severe legal trouble in Turks and Caicos after accidentally bringing ammunition in her duffel bag during a family trip to the island.

Grier and her daughters are currently being held while awaiting a court date after local authorities discovered the bullets in her luggage.

Grier admitted that the duffel bag typically stores her gun and bullets. She cleaned the bag for their Turks and Caicos trip but inadvertently left some bullets inside.

The oversight went unnoticed by TSA agents in Orlando, who only confiscated her lotion and body spray, allowing the ammunition to pass through security.

Upon arrival in Turks and Caicos, authorities discovered two bullets in Grier’s bag.

According to reports, Florida Secretary of State Cord Byrd has been involved, meeting with government officials to expedite Grier’s release and prevent similar incidents for other travelers in the future.

Grier spent three nights in jail before being released on bond. However, she remains on the island, awaiting her court appearance scheduled for July 5.

If convicted, the penalties for firearm and ammunition offenses in Turks and Caicos are severe, with a minimum sentence of 12 years in prison.

The situation highlights significant security oversights and the severe legal implications that travelers can face due to such errors.

Grier’s case underscores the need for stringent checks and clear guidelines to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future.

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