Chrisean Rock Unleashes Obscenities On Tamar Braxton Following Assault Confirmation – “F**k Her!”

by Grace Somes
Chrisean Rock and Tamar Braxton || @chriseanchriseanchrisean @tamarbraxton

Chrisean Rock says nobody can press charges against her over her alleged assault against backup singer James Wright Chanel.

In an explosive video that could lead to a showdown, Chrisean Rock erupted into a profanity-laced rant after confirming that the “Baddies” star assaulted the backup singer.

Before Tamar’s testimony, her best friend, LeTroy, called out Chrisean, describing her as “trash” and a “gutter-butt.” He also threatened to have the rapper arrested because she messed up James’s face, and his nose wouldn’t stop bleeding.

Later, James put out a video that the incident had traumatized him. He also added that he had to get his teeth checked out by the dentist after Chrisean punched him in the face.

After putting out an earlier video in which she denied all allegations, Chrisean Rock abruptly left social media. She even announced that she would be changing her address and phone number.

Neighborhood Talk took hold of the rapper using someone else’s profile to address Tamar’s talks about her being “rowdy” in a video.

“You tried to embarrass me publicly like I deserved that. That’s cool. Be Safe. Don’t try to play with my character.”

According to Chrisean, nobody was going to arrest or put her in prison. The “Vibe” hitmaker called out LeTroy’s buff with a barrage of fierce words.

“Go ahead and try to press charges that you can’t press. Go ahead and try to file a lawsuit that you can’t file. You know why? Because I’m that b*tch and I’m covered by God bro.”

She also added that people always try to “take advantage” because she’s a “genuine” person.

“So when I come back to IG, I’m only f*cking with myself and my son,” Chrisean vowed after trashing Tamar Braxton, LeTroy, and James Wright Chanel’s claims.

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