Former Beyoncé Backup Singer Who Now Drives Uber Finds Fame And Freedom Serenading Her Passengers

by Gee NY

Former backup singer for Beyoncé, Deanna Dixon, has found a unique way to share her talent while driving for Uber in Atlanta.

Known as “The Rideshare Queen” on TikTok, Dixon captures candid moments of her serenading passengers with her soulful voice.

Her videos have gained immense popularity on social media, amassing over 80,000 followers and millions of views.

Dixon’s journey began when a passenger, Tedrien Hill, generously tipped her $150 and encouraged her to record videos of her singing for social media.

This chance encounter changed her life, leading to sponsorships and a national deal. After a year of renting through Uber, Dixon was able to purchase her own car.

In a heartwarming twist, Dixon reunited with Hill, her “Earth Angel,” to share the news of her new car purchase.

The videos showcase the power of small connections and moments that can have a profound impact on one’s life.

Now driving a stylish cobalt blue Tesla with over 100,000 online fans, Dixon expresses that she feels more seen and is enjoying this chapter of her life as “The Rideshare Queen.”

You can follow her journey on Instagram @IAmDeannaDixon.

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