Comedian Ms. Pat Claims She’s Never Dated Outside Her Race Because ‘White Men Don’t Date Fat Women’

by Grace Somes
Ms. Pat || Image credit: @comedinemspat

According to comedian Ms. Pat, she hasn’t been involved with a white man because white men prefer skinny women

The fast-rising household name joined Bobby Lee on the TigerBelly podcast, where she disclosed she never dated outside her race because “white men don’t date fat women.”

The conversation began when Ms. Pat stated that white men invented “eating out” or “eating vagina” to make up for the areas where Black men excelled, like penetration.

Lee asked if the white men were good at it, but the comedian couldn’t respond. She never dated outside her race because she suspected white men did not date fat women.

Surprised, Bobby Lee asked her, “You never dated a white guy?”

“I’ve never dated outside my race, Bobby Lee. Because white men don’t like fat women. They give their fat women to Black men. Or they kill them.”

“You don’t watch the Madlock? ‘B*tch, I said, lose weight,’ she continued. “Then they hit them in their head with a brick.”

Pat, whose real name is Patricia Williams, is married but ‘agreed’ to Lee’s offer to get “white dick” if she wanted.

“White men only like fat women if the couple is extremely poor. White people with money don’t want out-of-shape, don’t fat b*tch,” she ended.

The Instagram blog, TheNeighbourhoodTalk, shared a discussion clip, and peeps weighed in on her comments, mostly agreeing with her. 

“She’s right! & wyt women don’t date poor black men. They give them to us,” one person wrote. 

Another added, “But some black men discriminate on plus size black women but will wife a plus size white woman when they move to Wisconsin, Iowa or Minnesota.”

“White men love them a dark skin slim, tall, a baddie. She not lying,” another comment added. 

Someone else chipped in, “Nope, black men don’t date plus size black women, but be holding hands with big fat yt women or Mexican women and have the nerve to turn their nose up when approaching you in a store.”

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