Kindergarten Teacher Allegedly Murdered by Husband Only Five Weeks After Child’s Birth

by Gee NY

Heartbreaking reports on June 1, say police from the Northwest District responded to a call regarding a shooting at a home on Armory Lane and found 26-year-old Amber Cooley dead.

Upon arrival, responders discovered the body of Cooley, a kindergarten teacher, with injuries consistent with a gunshot wound.

Her husband, 25-year-old Robert Cooley, approached the officers, wearing blood-stained clothing, and confessed vaguely, stating:

“I did something bad; I need to go to jail.”

According to the police report, Robert admitted to beating, stabbing, and shooting his wife during an interview.

He also reportedly called his brother via FaceTime, confessing to the crime.

Amber’s parents revealed that she had requested a separation from Robert the day before her death, suggesting a possible motive.

Robert Cooley was arrested on the same day and charged with murder.

He is currently held without bond in the Marion County jail.

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